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Intesive Green Roof ‘Walkways and Driveways’

Nearly everything that can be realised on the ground is now possible on roofs too, provided the right technology is used. For instance, long lasting and functioning walkways and driveways on rooftops require well-engineered systems.

If walkways and driveways are combined with Green Roofs, not only drainage and compressive strength are important, but also the water retention capacity. Stabilodrain® SD 30, the core piece of this build-up, meets all requirements and ensures durable functionality. Stabilodrain® SD 30 is an extremely stable, high pressure resistant drainage element that is quick and easy to install with its lateral, specially shaped connecting profiles. Depending on the installation, it allows for drainage of water (diffusion holes facing downwards) or for drainage combined with water retention (diffusion holes facing upwards).



  • Heavy duty Hybrid Solution with high pressure resistance.
  • Suitable for walkways, driveways, lawn and shrubs, bushes, small trees etc..
  • Trafficable with wheel loaders, also without infill.
  • Suitable on flat roofs with standing water and on inverted roofs.