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Intesive Green Roof ‘Heather with Lavender’

‘Heather with Lavender’ is ideal the ideal build-up for simple intesive green roofs with blooming perennials and fragrant herbs.

This plant selection forms a drought resistant and visually pleasant vegetation. The ‘Heather with Lavender’ system substrate, specifically designed for this plant community, is used in combination with the water retention and drainage element Floradrain® FD 40-E to create the ideal habitat conditions for this vegetation.

Floradrain® FD 40-E is a universal element for both extensive and intensive build-ups. It has a high drainage capacity and is also suitable for roofs without slope, provided residual ponding is less than 40 mm to keep the substrate clear of the water beneath. It is quick and easy to install as well as walkable.



  • Attractive Green Roof with perennials, grasses and scented herbs.
  • Installation on flat and slightly pitched roofs with a slope up to 8°.
  • By shaping the substrate layer, a variety of landscapes can be created. During dry season additional irrigation is necessary.
  • Various designs and combinations with walkways and patios are possible.
  • Requires medium maintenance.


Tecnical data:

  • Build-up height: from 160 mm
  • Weight, saturated: from 195 kg/m²
  • Water retention capacity: from 70 L/m²