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About us

Gras Garden is a company specialized in executing landscape and architectural projects, from the initial concept to the final execution.

Our core activities are design, construction and maintenance of green areas. Thanks to the wide range of services we provide, we are able to respond to the most demanding customer needs and demands of the profession by using modern methods, materials and mechanization. Experience in transport and the use of professional mechanization enables planting plants of large dimensions, which complements our entire offer. Direct cooperation of our team at all levels also result in high quality completed projects, whose maintenance you can entrust to our experts.

In addition to services in the field of landscape and architecture the company Gras Garden has possessed its own production for more than 20 years, nursery that specializes in producing quality planting materials according to European standards, and local production is complemented by importing specific and exclusive type which make green area unique.

In our work so far, we have specialized in providing extra services in the design and arrangement of green spaces, in order to offer our clients a complete service in one place and fully perform design solutions. This includes the design and installation of automatic irrigation systems, designing the exterior lighting, design and production of outdoor flower pots, design of green walls and roof gardens. In all these segments we use quality products and innovative materials in cooperation with domestic and foreign companies specialized in this field.