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Vertical gardens – Green walls

Following world trends in landscape architecture, we have become the exclusive distributor of Vertical Fields (VF), which is a pioneer in designing and manufacturing panels for vertical gardens and green walls in the world. The innovative and unique approach to creating living walls, VF company designs its own system of panels for indoor and outdoor landscaping walls, which along with the use of special soil substrates remain faithful to nature and the natural development of plants. The panels for the vertical gardens are produced using the latest technology from the finest polycarbonate materials, are lightweight and resistant to UV radiation. The system of vertical walls is characterized by easy maintenance with the help of smart processors (smart computers) connected to the system, which can be accessed at anytime from anywhere.

Have you ever thought about picking spices or vegetables from installed walls in your home? Vertical walls and vertical gardens can be installed in your home or business spaces with unlimited possibilities of design and aesthetics. Enjoy the fruits of our work!

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For more details, please visit www.verticalfield.rs