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Extensive Green Roofs ‘Sedum Carpet’

The “Sedum Carpet” is a standard build-up for extensive Green Roofs. It is a shallow and lightweight green roof type with an attractive “back-to-nature” appearance, that requires little maintenance. Floradrain® FD 25-E is the appropriate drainage and water storage element for this system. It has the necessary compressive strength, a low profile height, little weight and is walkable. Proven Sedum species, in combination with the adapted substrate and System Build-up, guarantee a durable Green Roof. The system substrate “Sedum Carpet” is particularly suitable for extensive Green Roofs as well as the plant community “Sedum Carpet”, containing various low-growing Sedum species that are wind and frost-resistant.  During the year, “Sedum Carpet” is represented in various shades of green.



  • Ecological protection layer instead of gravel covering.
  • Requires minimum maintenance.
  • For roofs without standing water and with a slight slope up to 8°.


Tecnical data:

  • Build-up height: ca. 90 mm
  • Weight, saturated: ca. 95 kg/m²
  • Water retention capacity: ca. 25 L/m²