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Landscape and maintenance

In order to make green space at the same time functional, decorative and vital, it is necessary to be regularly maintained. Our loyal experts will be responsible to take care of your garden according to its characteristics and needs.
Regular maintenance services include:


  • Regular mowing, nutrition and protection from pests and diseases


  • Regular pruning trees, shrubs and undergrowth
  • Fertilization
  • Hoeing and mulching
  • Protection against pests and diseases
  • Preparing plants for winter
  • If necessary, removing snowdrifts
  • Non-standard pruning and removal of older specimens of trees – Pruning trees for aesthetic, functional or safety reasons, as well as cutting the entire tree can be performed by using a truck with a crane and basket. If the conditions on the ground do not allow the use of mechanization, we use certified equipment and techniques used in caving and mountaineering.