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Roof Gardens

Green roofs and roof gardens have become a worldwide trend for more than a decade ago, in the central urban areas, where there are few green spaces. In addition to esthetic values, roof garden has ecological functions such as improved protection against heat and cold, noise damping, improving microclimate conditions through evaporation, rain water retention, reduces the load during heavy rains, the protection of the waterproofing of the roof and so on.
Green roofs are divided into: extensive and intensive, depending on the depth of the substrate, and species that will be planted. In order for the roof garden to be stable and long-lasting, it is essential to build multi-specialized layers:

  • Waterproofing
  • Drainage foil panel
  • Geotextile
  • Specialized substrates for roof gardens, whose thickness depends on the type of the roofs (extensive or intensive)

When designing a roof garden it is necessary to comply with all above mentioned layers as well as working processes. Listed layers form the roof structure and make it waterproof, stable, durable and protected from damages. Proper selection of furnishings, materials and plants, the entire weight of the elements of the garden can be reduced to the optimum which will not jeopardize the safety of the object.
If you want to complement your roof space or terrace with the plants and create your green oasis, our team of experts will provide you with complete support and service, from initial concept to the executed state, taking into account all the preconditions necessary for the successful formation of roof gardens.

Drainage foil panel
Drainage foil panel is specially designed for green roofs because it has the ability to delay rainwater, avoiding its retention and protecting the waterproofing system. The panels have a high load resistance and are suitable for creating all types of green roofs: extensive and intensive.

Specialized substrate
In order to make roof structure long-lasting and stable is of utmost importance that to set up specific substrate for this purposes as the last layer. In cooperation with the European substrate manufacturer, our team uses a substrate which is composed of volcanic stone, specializes peat, humus substances and sand. An important feature of the substrate is that it has a lower specific weight, which goal is to List minimize load on the object construction. This substrate has a well-balanced water-air regime, which ensures the proper plant growth and development in the specific conditions of the roof garden.